Fire sale

Foster Huntington has just published a book called ” The Burning House:what would you take?” The premise being, if your house was on fire what would you save from it if you only had  minutes to spare. I haven’t read it yet but over at they have an excellent review and from the few samples that were included it is apparent that pets and mementos top the list with practical “i-just-lost-my-house” items a close second (phones, cash, pet food). I doubt that anyone would leave everything else in order to take their 50 inch television or that they would bypass the shoebox of family photos in order to get espresso machine out. We often hear that we are a shallow and commercial people, that we crave silly things and have misplaced priorities, Ive said it and I think i can safely say that its generally believed.  When i look at the photos of the meager pile of pets and personal items I realize that  a lot of that perceived shallowness is really not there. When push comes to shove, that is to say, in an emergency it seems like that all gets stripped away and we really do focus on what is important.


For the record, if my house were on fire i would (assuming my wife was able to get out on her own) grab one chihuahua and that’s about it.


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