New work Q1 2012

For no real reason I have not been updating the shops website as often as usual, I think this is mainly due to the (not very) laborious task of pulling things off my camera, cropping and grouping pieces and then resizing them, putting them on the website and all that. its not really all that hard, but when I get home from work I often turn off the tattoo part of my brain altogether and ignore things like all that stuff above.

I finally did get off my ass the other day and put a bunch of stuff together. there is more on the website but here is a little of what I’ve been putting out lately.


First up is a 1/2 leg sleeve (sock?) in the bottom left of the picture you can see the very faded tattoo we are covering up under a leaf. She had the old piece lasered and so calling it a cover-up is almost cheating. The customer originally was starting with a much smaller mnore abstract type tattoo but like a lot of folks, the more she explored what was possible and didn’t limit her ideas to a “cover up” she found her idea expanding into this lil guy. We will be adding color  but I like the look of it in progress so i thought Id throw it up as it is now and then post the finished piece when that happens. As a funny side note, this clients 70 year old father is apparently a big Japanophile and trains bonsai and the like down in florida, when he saw her leg sleeve developing it inspired him to go get his own arm sleeved in a japanese style!

this piece actually started off as a painting and when our good buddy jason saw it he decided to get it as a tattoo. However, like many of us, he is mostly covered with tattoos already so the only spots he has left are less than “ideal” places. In this case the only availible area left was a patch on the back of his thigh! He cant see it without looking  at a picture of it and to show it off he is going to have to invest in some daisy dukes.

So the idea of a dragon koi is thagt moment when a koi fish jumps that last waterfall over the rainbow gate and transforms from a lowly carp to a noble dragon. This client wanted one that wasnt as gnarly and scary as they usally look so we made it look a little more friendly and finished it in two sessions.

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One thought on “New work Q1 2012

  1. Aaron

    That dragon koi is AWESOME!

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