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Sometimes what looks like a bad day can turn into a good one in the blink of an eye. On the first day we were back at work in 2012 I had a full day of appointments cancel with less than 12 hours notice. It was kind of a bummer because I have many customers waiting for an appointment and when someone is a no-show with so little notice its hard to get one of those people in. It’s not really so unfair to me, but it is very unfair to the people who have been waiting to get in and can’t just take off work or rearrange their live to come in on such short notice.

Anyway through the magic of Facebook we put the word out that I had some time open and two great regulars were able to step in on short notice. Not only did I get a couple loyal regulars in, but I was really stoked on both tattoos I did!

First up was N. One of those clients who I just knew from the first tattoo was going to become heavily tattooed! Some people just get that sparkle in their eyes the minute they look in the mirror at their first lil tattoo and you know that they have fallen in love with tattoos. He is also one of those customers you can really have a conversation while you are tattooing, one of the great side benefits of being a tattooer is having one on one time with people from all walks of life and philosophies. So we started a squid about a year ago and due to his job was only able to get an occasional session here and there on it til yesterday when we finished this bad boy. . .

As we were working on this another long time shop buddy called and asked if I would have time to do a portrait of their dog. Now i do a lot of kinds of tattoo but portraits (and portraits of dogs especially) I don’t do, not because I don’t want to, but because it’s just not my thing and I can’t do an amazing version of it the way some other tattooers in Pittsburgh could. In this case though he insisted I could do it more “traditional-ish” and since he is a shop buddy I told him to come down and let me look at what he wanted. As soon as i saw the picture of this adorable little guy I was in! T’s dog is part corgi and part dachshund and if that isn’t a formula for the cutest dog in the world then his little smile surely makes him a contender for the prize! I wanted to get his lil tweaked paw (don’t worry, he apparently runs on it just fine) and smiley demeanor so I kept the background very simple and greywashy and put all the blacks and contrast into the pup itself. I was stoked to see it done!

So a day that started off looking like a wash-out turned into one of the more fun days I’ve had lately, yet again I’m grateful and conscious of how lucky I am!


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