Think differently

So Steve Jobs dies yesterday which is sad for the same reason its sad when anyone dies, however the wailing and public mourning has been somewhat. . . trying to me of late. It has brought to the fore a subject I often puzzled over; namely, the way that people took to the Apple brand as if it was some sort of cult or political creed. Dont get me wrong, I am well aware of the company’s contribution to the aesthetic and ease of use of modern electronics, without Apple (and by extension Jobs I suppose) our gadgets wouldn’t look half so good nor function half so intuitively. And yet, and yet, people behave like this entity, this Corporation, is their friend and Jobs a member of their family. He wasnt, he was the head of a large company whose job was to convince you and I to spend our money with them as opposed to some other giant company. Apple was neither more kind or considerate than any other gigantic corporate entity. The hired and fired, the acquired competition and sued for tax breaks and tried to keep their workers wages low, so low that they off shored their work to countries with poor worker rights and pay. Just like every other corporation. So I am very puzzled when I see an Apple badge on someones car or T-shirt, why don’t these folks have American Standard toilet stickers on their cars? Why dont college kids wear backpack maker, Jansport, t-shirts? Why have otherwise discerning and intelligent people align themselves with something generally regarded as icky and exploitative as a Corporate entity?


Im not saying they are worse than any other large company, Im just saying that they are just like every other large company.


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2 thoughts on “Think differently

  1. A Buddhist In The Rustbelt

    Jason, I too am somewhat confused by the amount of outpouring of “stuff” (for lack of a better word) relating to Mr. Jobs. I think that maybe the over-done attention about his death may be just sympathy for the man himself. I certainly agree with you on the corporate thing. Too many treat us like we don’t matter (except if we have any disposable cash). Seems to me there is a lot more of the Google-ish (do no evil) fronts being put up by various corporations in order to cover some of their less savory actions.

    As usual, a well-written, timely blog. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Zenleo

    I agree with your asessment of the perception of Apple by certain members
    of the general public. Well put! However some of their machines in the past
    have been totally cool and almost like art work, they have lost that these days
    though and you might as well spend your money on a funky lit up gamers PC
    that will run everything as opposed to a expensive Mac that you need to run
    a Windows emulator on.

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