This month we have been rocking a pretty varied playlist at the shop, I unloaded Pandora from my phone (which we usually listen to all day at the shop) because the latest update for the app wanted access to my email and phone list (!). So its been mostly back to stuff I bring in. The top 10 list for me in August/September seems to be:

  1. Lykke Li- I follow Rivers
  2. LCD Soundsystem- I can change
  3. Miike Snow- Animal (punks jump up remix)
  4. Sufjan Stevens- John Wayne Gacy jr.
  5. Consequence (w/ Kanye West)- the good, the bad, the ugly
  6. Buzzcocks- why cant I touch it?
  7. Tristen- Baby Drugs
  8. Sonics- Shes a Witch
  9. Robyn- With every heartbeat
  10. John Prine- Spanish Pipedream

Know whats not on that list? The “Wugazi”  Wu-tang/Fugazi mashup that everyone and their brother has been recommending. I love both bands and I can see how it would be awesome, but in reality, like most mashups it just only works here and there and mostly doesnt work at all. It gives me a lot of respect for someone like Girltalk who takes not just 2 songs, but like 52 songs and makes something awesome out of them without losing the recognizable bits.

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