Lots o stuffs.

So I tattooed a can of garbonzo beans on a very nice lady the other day.

No really.

Im serious.

Im not kidding, see. . . . ?

I also finished these nice birds on Dans tummy. He works at Wicked Discs in the same building as us a couple days a week and this is only his second tattoo. By the way, Dan, i remembered the kind of bird they were, its the black capped chickadee.

Good shop friend Jonah is not only cooked for my wedding and got the first star wars themed tattoo i ever did, but hes also gotten some awesome work from Cara lately. He had an old piece he wanted me to cover and we banged out this monster parrot in about 3 hours.

Another good friend of Black Cat is Janice who got this awesome Mucha inspired lady started. She wanted something that paid homage to the famous JOB lady that Mucha created but she still wanted it to be her own unique tattoo and I was honored to oblige.

We are getting ready to go to Detroit for the Motor City tattoo convention and Im very excited! Ive done a lot of conventions but this one was always known for being one of the bigger more respected conventions ever since I began tattooing so its a thrill to be able to work it. Hopefully i will have some cool work to show when we get back!


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