things I think I think pt. 3

1. A conspiracy theory ignores the basic fact that almost nothing ever remains secret for long. It also posits that large entities like  governments and corporations which have shown themselves time and again to be supremely inefficient at doing anything suddenly become damn near supernaturally efficient at covering up hugely impactful events and plots. Lastly, they are trotted out by folks who seem to gain an unusual amount of pleasure at making people uncomfortable, possibly as an unconscious desire to deflect their own minds from looking at the real scary dark place, inside their own minds. Either that or they crave the morbid pleasure of being able to be the lone voice of “sanity” in a world they consider composed of idiotic “sheeple”, it allows them to be both superior and martyrs at the same time.

2. “The lord of the Flies” is not a valid model for a system of political beliefs.

3. Everyone wants society to be more civil and polite, but no one wants to be the first one to try it.

4. Treating everyone the same is a noble goal, however when a part of society enjoys a superiority of money and power due to historical injustices then “treating everyone the same” is really code for “maintaining the status quo”. Real equality includes adjusting for a past inequality which still leaves the scales out of balance today. Im not just talking about race here either, wealth, gender, and education are all treated in fundamentally unequal ways that we could correct without fucking over anybody.

5. On that note, you dont have to fuck other people over to survive.

6. Sloppy joes are better in my mind than in reality. The reverse is true for tongue. Also, why was I so scared to try new food as a kid? I missed out on a lot of awesome Brussels sprouts and fillet because of that shit.

7. There are no simple solutions to anything. Simple answers for complex problems always lead to more problems. You cant make a Faberge egg with a sledgehammer no matter how skillful the person wielding the hammer.


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