Two Oh One Oh My

A new year, a new decade, in the new millenium (remember when we used to talk about the millenium?) Its natural to take a look back at the past year and wonder at all that has occurred. For me this year has been especially eventful, possibly the most eventful I can remember. I suppose that I have reached that age when everything around me is in flux and so I feel like Ive been surrounded by life in all its coming and going.

I believe I have been to more funerals than ever and also held more newborn babies than ever. If there is some sort of cosmic balance beam Id like to think that it somehow evens out. Sadly, the promise of a beautiful new baby cant quite take away all the sting of a lost friend. The lesson (and there is always a lesson) is to appreciate those you have while you have them. Ive heard that often enough but it never really sank in til this year and I learned that regret which comes from losing the opportunity to tell someone you love them that will never, ever, come again. Hug your kids, kiss your wives and husbands, tell your friends exactly how they brighten your day, don’t fuck around with time and don’t worry about looking sentimental, those people are more important than being embarrassed  at showing some emotion.

I also turned 40 this year which is odd because I  never meant to. Which is to say that as a teenage thug I managed to picture my life into my twenties and maybe into my thirties, but beyond that I didn’t see any possibility of existing. Its not that I wanted to die early, rather that I couldn’t imagine what life would look like at this point. I am pleasantly shocked at how much more fun the last ten years has been than the ten which preceded it. In fact It would be safe to say that I have never been so happy and content with my life as I am at this moment, which is a pretty cool thing to be able to say. Sure a donut sitting right in front of me would kick that happy thing up a notch, but even without pastry life is pretty good right now. Besides, that’s the kind of thinking which leads a person to not appreciate how good they have it, there is always one more thing that would make it perfect. Its like having an original Davinci painting and not being able to enjoy it because you don’t have the right frame yet.

I saved the big one for last, this year I got married to the wonderful and amazing Cara Cable. Amazing seems like a pretty big word to describe someone doesn’t it? Like if someone is known as Bill the Amazing Magician then he better not come on stage with a few penny-ante card tricks, we want to see women sawn in half and bullets caught in the teeth from someone labeled an “amazing magician”. So let me assure you that Cara fully lives up to her billing in ways almost to numerous to mention. First of all, she puts up with me, and Im not fucking joking when I say that that takes the patience of a saint! On top of that she dove into the world of being a tattooer with the kind of gusto and serious dedication that I think all tattooers dream their apprentices will show. Her progress is phenomenal and if she keeps it up I have no doubt that she will be more than a good tattooer, she will be a fucking awesome tattooer. She has also become that most elusive of things, a friend people can depend on. There are not many of them out there, I’m not such a person despite my best intentions, but Cara is there in any capacity that the people in her life require and she does it with humor and compassion. So I got lucky and married the woman of my dreams this year in a beautiful ceremony full of laughter and friends and crazy awesome food. So now I don’t just have a friend, lover, and companion, I have an honest to goodness partner-in-crime! We work tattoo conventions together, we tattoo together, we push each other to be better artists and better people.

So 2011, what do you have in store for us? Its at this point that one usually looks back at the past and tries to resolve to correct past mistakes and missteps. A resolution is nothing more than a promise to yourself, its a regretful determination not to do that to yourself again. Its easy to put out a list of shit that needs improving but I think that just leads to feeling bad about our shortcomings instead of motivating so instead Im only going to make one resolution. An easy one, one that I think has the potential to help solve a lot of the other little things in life that id like to see improved in the Jason Version 2011. I hereby resolve to meditate a minimum of 5 minutes every day, even on my days off, even if I have really important shit that Id rather be doing.

Happy New year! I hope its a great one for everyone.

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