Erica Denny.

Sometimes you cant say enough about a person with words. Some people are too big to be contained in words. Even if i was the greatest writer in the world, I dont think I could do my good friend Erica the justice she deserves.

Erica passed away a few  days ago and I cant think of a good way to convey to those who didnt know her how amazing of a person she was.

Besides her 5 children and her awesome husband Josh, her great passion was art in general and tattoos and photography in particular. Maybe if you look at some of her work you can get a tiny idea of what a powerful and beautiful person she was.

check it out here.

We will miss you Erica, we love you and we were so lucky to have you in our lives for as long as we did.

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One thought on “Erica Denny.

  1. Janet

    I met Erica on two occasions…Cara’s bridal shower and your wedding. I had the opportunity to talk to her for a while before you ceremony and found her to be a delightful, sweet person who loved her husband and kids and her life and she commented on how she loved you and Cara and how you and Cara “fit” so well together.
    I’m sorry for your loss. Good friends are hard to come by.

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