Work in progress and new jonx.

almost finished with this koi sleeve/chest panel. I haven’t done a really big version of a Showa Koi before so I was a teeny bit apprehensive, but once we got the background on there I was more confident in the ability for it to pop.  The inner bicep (lotus and waves) and some cherry blossoms remain to be done, I’m really excited for how this one is coming together and the customer is super stoked coming in as often as I can make time for him.

I also did a fly reel on a great regular customer who already is wearing two Japanese sleeves I did on him and wanted to express his other passion, namely fly fishing. The reel is from a photo he brought in of a 1940s era piece of tackle that belonged to an uncle who passed away while my customer was still a toddler. But their shared love of fly fishing is something he wanted to do without it looking too much like a memorial piece. It’s on the side of his calf.

Lastly is a piece on shop friend/t-shirt printer extraordinaire Bert. He has a nautical sleeve going on his left arm and wanted to get a lighthouse to fill the vertical triceps area. I tried to keep it super simple, traditional, and scary. I lined this with a new machine that my good friend Robie made.

That’s it for now, I have at least 4 Japanese dragons in various stages of being finished and I have a feeling they will all end up done within a month of each other heh heh. More to come soon. . .

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2 thoughts on “Work in progress and new jonx.

  1. Mike

    Hey Jason! Your work is unbelievable . Then again, I might be biased since you did the above koi sleeve and chest panel on me. I am pretty sure I want a panel for my back as well. I want to keep with the Japanese style of course, but away from the koi fish. Just some food for thought until I see you next weekend so we can talk more. Again, your talent is amazing and anyone reading this is as lucky to be tattooed by such a talented artist and all-around awesome guy. My tattoo brings me immense joy everyday and I thank you.

  2. thanks Mike, I love people who start their tattoo life off with an entire half sleeve. . . .

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