New Place

I like to sit in the back yard of our new house, though If Im being honest it is stretching the definition of “Yard” a bit to call a 15 by 10 foot slab of concrete a yard. But its more of a yard than we ever had before and besides, its surrounded by neighbors trees and Cara has already filled it with plants (including a 9 foot palm Ive named Hugo) and cute little yard furniture. We have a dog who is 8 inches long so i suppose its enough yard for us.

Anyway, I like to sit back there at night waiting for Eddie (the dog) to pee and listen to the French neighbors talk on their back porch a few houses down. I dont really know what they are saying, but it is in French and so always sounds like they are discussing Camus or Descartes (Im fully aware they are are probably discussing whether the Jersey shore episode they missed will be repeated, but its my fantasy so leave me alone). I gaze up at the enormous pine in our neighbors yard and imagine the 5000 birds I hear in there during the day all bedding down for the night at once like some enormous farm family all turning in at dusk.

Though its been over a week now Im still a bit thunderstruck at the place we have managed to rent at an amazingly cheap price (in a city renowned for its affordable rents). The furniture from our previous place, a tiny one bedroom with novelty sized kitchen and closet barely fills the 2 bedrooms, dining room (!) and living room we have now. Insted of wondering where we are going to squeeze in a new coffee mug I have the reverse problem of figuring out what to do with the fully finished attic/3rd bedroom. The phrase “an embarrassment of riches” springs to mind.

Maybe we need to get a bigger dog or put Eddie on steroids. . .

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