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Lots of stuff getting finished/healed/worked on lately. All the following pictures would fit into the “not Japanese style stuff”. Of course the more traditional pieces are typically smaller one or two session tattoos so they get done earlier than the multiple session sleeves and backs. There is a pile of that stuff in the works though, so lots of dragons and koi will be up soon!

This first piece is a memorial tattoo for Buffett the parrot, I wanted to give him a little bit of a frame in order to get close up on the poor guys face since his head coloring and eye color was so distinctive.

Next is a representation of the city of Pittsburgh coat of arms with a couple steel girders behind and the geographic co-ordinates of the city’s central tourist attraction, the point fountain. It on the inside of his forearm.

Next is a healed picture of a geisha/ pin-up girl. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

Indian Chief on the side of a bicep /elbow.

Ive never done a dagger with the blade all red before, but I like it! We tucked this guy into a weird space on the backside of a forearm.

Sometimes folks don’t mind coming back for a couple sessions, sometimes they do. This customer wanted the whole piece done on her ribs, in one shot and six hours later thats exactly what she got. Its about 2 1/2 feet tall on one of the less fun parts of the human body to tattoo and she sat like a champ right up til the last 15 minutes. (which is 4 hours and 15 minutes longer than i would have lasted. . . )

Did this gypsy with a snake coming out of her mouth on the outside of a calf. Ive been a big fan of having the traditional red eye shading follow the contour of a cheekbone lately. I get on little kicks like this every so often, its why every tattoo is a learning experience.

this was based on a piece by an artist whose name I cant find right now, but I loved the imagery and the washed out palette. obviously with a tattoo we needed to push that contrast up a wee bit, but I think we managed to do so without compromising the rustic feeling of the original art.

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