The dishes require doing

of this i am fully aware. Also, I know that the reality of doing them will not be terribly hard and may, in some strange way, be satisfying.

I still don’t wanna do ’em. I don’t wanna and I have managed to rationalize and justify not doing them for several days, each time the greater part of my mind knows I’m full of shit and even says “You are full of shit” to the lazy part that just really really doesn’t wanna do ’em. The lazy part doesn’t care though, in fact it may be safe to say that it simply is too lazy to care.

When my nearest brother and I were children we were often assigned chores, usually in order to clean up some mess we had created ourselves. When ordered to do so we would usually fight about who had done what or whose turn it was to do which bit first until we actually came to blows. A lot. My father, being a wise man (and certainly wiser than a pair of prepubescent punks such as ourselves) sussed out our true motives right away. “You guys would rather fight than just clean up the mess you made.” And then we would have to do the chore anyway only with seething anger and scratches and bruises from where we had pummeled each other.

Sometimes I think of this when I don’t want to do the dishes. My brain will say something like ” i had to go work on my day off, I don’t feel like i should have to do the dishes” or ” im in a bad mood I don’t think I should hafta do dishes” and then the rest of my brain goes “You guys would rather fight than just do the goddamn dishes”. And its right. You may have figured out that it takes the same (or more) energy to avoid simply doing what needs to be done than simply shutting up and getting on with it. In fact not only does it simply force us to expend time and thought we could use to , say, cure cancer, thinking of ways to get out of doing the correct thing, but the delay most often makes things worse!(the pile gets bigger, I feel guiltier, they smell more. . .ugh. . dishyer etc etc.)

There are a lot of things we do this with knowing full well that we will, some day, have to pay the piper anyway. it’s a curious fact of the human mind that we would rather put off an onerous (or merely annoying) task for the fantasy of enjoying ourselves more “right now”. But then we don’t, the thought of what we should have done ways on our mind pooping on all that fun we thought we would get away with. It’s the same reason that telling a lie hurts more and for longer than just telling the truth and dealing with whatever comes of it at once.

So, as the classical philosopher Henry Rollins once said; “Dont think about it, Do it.

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