Spring flowers and my dogs anus.

one of these three things does not smell like a flower. . .

Two glorious days of warm temps and this evening the wind kicked up, a few fat raindrops plopped here and there as if saying “ha ha! just kidding, enjoy the rest of the day!” and the trees are really blooming now. It’s a fairly safe bet that the snow is behind us and the total number of days I wasn’t able to ride my bike was about 28 or 29 which is not too bad for winter in the northeast. I’m really falling in love with my Giant bowery mashup, I dug my Trek Soho S but this love goes a lot deeper. You see I could never really trust my trek, between the chain popping off problem and the generally creaky poor quality of some of the components I was afraid to really bear down, so far my Giant has taken all I can dish out and comes back like a puppy with a tennis ball  saying “Lets play MORE!”.

The last two days I’ve done some long days of tattooing and more are definitely on the horizon, i have a number of big  projects getting started soon that I’m extremely excited about.  Every so often you can almost feel yourself getting a notch better and I’ve really been feeling that of late. Even Cara commented that it seemed like I had gotten better at tattooing noticeably recently. I love so much about tattooing, but one of the best things is that you can do it for over a decade and still continue to refine your game. Life seldom gives you the ability to measure whether you are going forward or backward as clearly as that.

Spring being spring Cara and I have been discussing the wedding and our plans for the future. Im incredibly grateful to have a life where Im excited for my future and doubly so to have a future with someone so wonderful. Cara has never ceased to challenge herself both as a tattooer and as a person and it really inspires me to do the same. When I started her apprenticeship someone asked me “what are you gonna do if she gets better than you?” to which I could only say “Be happy for her, and take all the credit.” but the truth us that she is a powerhouse all on her own, when she gets where ever she is going it will because she fought her way there.

I hope it’s as nice where you are as it is here.

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One thought on “Spring flowers and my dogs anus.

  1. Hey Jason… cool site.. I just stumbled across it from another blog.. Your work is amazing….

    I currently have a fudo myo half sleeve in progress, it will be finished up next tue.. I’ll have to show it to you when it’s done….

    Take care


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