I mentioned on an earlier post that I had gotten a tattoo while holed up in Baltimore at the beginning of March in a blizzard. Well the time has come to reveal not only my tattoo, but the fact that in the history of mankind no tattoo has been as cool as this tattoo.

I feel that I need to let you know this in advance, for I fear that when you behold the awesomeness of this tattoo that you might suffer some sort of aneurysm or cataleptic fit as your mind attempts to put the full beauty and coolness of my tattoo into a form that normal humans can grasp. So sit back, take a breath and prepare to bathe in the glory.

It was a cold and snowy night. From the 26th floor of our lavish suite, Cara and I pondered our options. It was clear that the number of people willing to brave death to get a tattoo was low, we didnt drink so the option of sitting on a bar stool getting hemorrhoids and bitching was out. So we decided to head on down to the floor and scope out the tattoo possibilities.

As we passed the booth of well known tat-slinger and  raconteur; Timmy Tats we recognized the frightening symptoms of cabin fever. or maybe thats just his face, either way he launched into a schpiel that would have put a carnival barker to shame.

Timmy Tats: Hey You! You need a tattoo, why dont you get this funny frog!?

Me: I dont want no funny frog.

TT: C’mon look how funny it is! (pointing to a funny frog drawing)

Me: Yea its funny but i dont need no frog tattoo, thats too girly.

TT: Oh, you want something less girly? (pointing to a piece of horse flash) what about this horse with a funny mouth!? I cam make it more funny.

Me: no horse!

TT: how about this chest eagle (pointing to a huge eagle) Ten minutes!

Me: I dont want no eagle!

TT: So what do you want!? (flipping pages in  a book of flash)

Me: (spotting the coolest tattoo in the world) THAT! Thats what I want! Right there!

TT: You want that? OK! (starts tracing.)

the coolest tattoo in the world

Timmy traced up this lost classic gem. Take a second to take it all in, it is the classical tale of a robin slaying a worm/snake with a sword. You might ask how a robin would hold a sword, well the answer is, of course, with his hand. Since he is using a single handed sword he obviously only needs a hand on one wing. thus genius!

applying the stencil

As soon as I saw the stencil I knew this would be a magic moment. I should point out that I fucking hate to get my legs tattooed, for some reason it is my weak spot, much much worse than just about anywhere else. Still, a tattoo this majestic must go where it will be properly displayed so right onto my delicate little ankles it went!

his eyes glinted like a tiger spotting a lamb. . .

Man did that shit hurt!

Still after a few minutes the final product was revealed to an expectant world!

the coolest tattoo in the world.

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5 thoughts on “

  1. Shit maaan, that is cool 🙂 How long did it take? Whos flash was it? Did he talk about Stan Moskovitz? Was the air soft?

  2. Btw. Where is this snake background in your blog from? Occult

  3. Its actually from a dover book of tattoo imagery. i believe its an old Indian design.

  4. Mike

    Jason, That is so awesome. Seriously. Best tattoo ever.

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