Some things you need to know about this blog.

Welcome to your new Tattoozen brand blog. We thank you for purchasing this product and hope the following instructions will help you to optimize your reading pleasure. In the event that your Tattoozen arrived in a damaged condition or missing parts, please do not attempt to return it to the store where you purchased it.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get started!

1. I like to write  using funny vernacular and deliberate misspellings.

a)this frequently includes Yinzer slang.

b) I also just misspell stuff a lot

2. I believe that I know everything

a)except I also believe that I dont really know anything

3. I tend to write in spurts. So 3 posts a week followed by a month of nothing is not necessarily a sign that I have died

4. If a post was put up at 4am please take into account that I feel like I have more to say when i have less sleep. Usually its just rambly dribble though.

5. I delete comments from wackjobs

a)especially the religious ones

6. I am almost always writing with a chihuahua on my lap.

a)he is not responsible for the spelling errors.

7. I secretly crave external validation, so I read each comment and then cuddle it to my needy heart for weeks.

a) unless its critical, then I dismiss it

a.1) but then I actually internalize it and cry myself to sleep

8. I think I am helping

a) but sometimes I just think im funny


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4 thoughts on “Some things you need to know about this blog.

  1. Oh i love this post, think you should stick it in a widget and leave it here permanently somewhere! Wonderful, marvellous etc etc…. thats enough of the comment cuddles, now for the criticism…. ah but then you’d have the dilemma of whether to save or delete… internal struggles n all that… do i want that responsibility? oh the dilemma, i’ll have to go away n think about it…
    lol, nice one!

  2. Hehhee, nice one! 🙂

  3. Yep. Sometimes I think you’re funny also (at least on here)…. (and that’s not one of those there backhanded compliments). I very much enjoy reading your posts and have even found some of them inspiring and/or thought provoking.
    Thank you.

  4. jackie

    so about 2 months ago i found this blog and at first thought it was bizarre, but i was so intrigued. So in about a or 2 days i sat at my computer and did nothing else except read every entry you’ve made into this blog. When i was done i felt like it had completely changed my life. Before i read it i was living in the garage of my grandma and aunts house, with out a job and i was a complete mess- emotional, mentally and spiritually. But after reading this blog, it changed how i was thinking, it inspired me and gave me courage to go out there and get a better life. about a week or two later i had a job, then a month after that i moved out and now share an apartment with my brother and sister. I’m also so way more happy then i have been in a very long time and i always find myself rethinking your ideas that you have decided to share with all of us. It really is inspiring to read such well thought out ideas that further explain a buddhist belief and how you have struggled with trying to incorporate your beliefs into your everyday life. All i can say is thank you. thank you for starting this blog and not holding back when you get so passionate about an idea or about a struggle that you’ve encountered. thank you for sharing and thank you for being so honest and human. thank you.

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