Baltimore Convention

I attended the first Baltimore tattoo convention a couple years ago and it was insane. There were two large rooms and artists in the halls and you almost couldn’t walk due to how dense the crowd was. This year our friends over at Britishink tattoos invited us to share their booth at the convention and we jumped at the chance. First we got to hang out with our old friends Paul and Cyn, then we got to meet their awesome apprentices Robbie and Lia. Paul gave us the 50 cent tour of DC and put us up in his house which was incredibly generous, the guy basically shut down his tattooing to accommodate us, he and his shop are a real class act.

On thursday we hit Baltimore and so did the blizzard. For the next 3 days we didn’t leave the hotel, some few folks were already there and got a couple tattoos and on sunday a couple more braved the terribly shitty roads and got tattooed. Heres a few of the ones I did.

Cara and I got to hang out with friends a good bit and for once I was a fairly social person. Cara is so friendly and outgoing that it really opens some doors to meeting people who I otherwise wouldn’t. She got a really sweet tattoo from old friend Jon Glessner on her inner bicep that I don’t have a picture of and I got the coolest tattoo ever from Timmy Tats. (picture coming soon). In a way the slowness of the convention was kind of nice because it became a giant room of tattooers hanging around and talking shit, sure it would have been nice to make some money and do more tattoos, but if you must have a slow convention, this was probably the best one to be in.

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