Lasers ripped my flesh

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention said Weasels ripped my flesh and maybe that would be less painful than lasers, but of dubious tattoo removal value. Anyhow, I got lasered about a week ago and took some pictures on day 4 of the healing.

I hope you didn’t just eat grilled cheese for lunch. . .

This is after all the gross water(?) filled blisters went away. It feels like a pretty bad sunburn for a few days and then it begin to itch like a motherfucker. Luckily its been cold so Ive been wearing long sleeves and the customers havent been vomming when they see my quasimodo arm.

This is my second session on the full forearm, a couple individual pieces have been hit 3 times there. One of the more annoying things about laser removal is that you don’t really see much in the way of results for some time, like months. Ive had some other things lasered over the years so I was prepared for that, but I still get a little giddy when I can really see this stuff breaking up. I’m alternating the upper and lower arms on alternate months to give my body time to eat up all that blasted to bits ink.

Most of my tattoos on this arm date from the 90’s and I still like most of them individually (most of them. . . ) but Ive really been wanting to get some of the type of work ive been doing lately and just havent had the space to do it where I can see it without a mirror. So to the laser lady I go.

My plan is to get a full sleeve of Japanese type work. I have some rough ideas of what id like but I dont want to get too locked into some concept til I talk to whichever artist is going to do it. I have my eye on a few contenders, but one of the nicer things about tattooing these days is that there are quite a few tattooers I have complete confidence in without having to fly to japan. I suppose ideally i would get someone like Mike Rubendall, Dana Helmuth, or Chris O’Donell because a) they are amazing at the kind of Japanese work i am looking for and B) they are in the New York area so it wont be too big of a haul to get there. If I found a local artist who was super into the aesthetic I am looking for I would certainly not be opposed to giving the local folk my business. Ill keep my eyes peeled.

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3 thoughts on “Lasers ripped my flesh

  1. It has been ages since I got anything lasered. The trip itself is a big factor since it costs about 120€ just to get there. Still have 4 tats to vaporize… Speaking of artists, what about mister Flatmo? Or is he too different for what you have in mind? Because Kore is maybe more simpler as he is heavier than the other guys.

  2. Actually, I would love to get tattooed by Kore, the only things against Kore are that he is almost exactly as far from us as New York is and he tends to specialize in black and grey work. The other thing against him is that he is in Cincinatti which is a fine town but its no new York.

    But you post did remind me that Mike Dorsey is also in the Cincinatti area and Im a huge fan of his Japanese work so who knows i may end up going west instead of east. . .

  3. Mike

    Are you sure it was a laser? Looks like it could have been a cigarette!!
    Oh well, one must sacrifice for one’s art – and if you are the art that statement was never truer.

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