things Im pretty sure that I think

1) If there is a point to meditation (and technically there isnt) I dont believe its to feel good all the time or to avoid feeling ever bad. I think the point of meditation is to shrink the gap between the lowest low and highest high you feel to a reasonable rise and fall. The roller coaster gets replaced by a nice rolling country road.

2) After 2010 no one under the age of 30 will know who the Lone Ranger, the little Rascals, or Woody Woodpecker was. Its already happened with W.C. Fields, Mae West, and the Beaver. I give Groucho and Flipper til 2011.

3) Apparently one sure-fire way to pry a pit bull off of its victim is to put your finger in its butt hole. I believe this method will work with most things.

4) Reading anything by Joseph Campbell will change your life.

5) I used to think that being free meant getting to pick whatever I wanted, now I realize it means not needing to pick anything.

6) Sunshine on a snowy day is gods little way of apologizing for all the frostbite.

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