about those tattoo tv shows

nothing in the world is good or bad til we decide it. all actions arise from ignorancer and they simply exist, it takes one of us to come along and declare it ‘good” or “bad” and those judgments rely on how the action affects what we think we want to happen.

Are tattoo tv shows good or bad? Its the wrong question, really. the fact is that tattoo tv shows ARE. They exist and debating whether they are good, bad, or indifferent is like arguing about whether the sun rising is good or bad, either way its going to happen.

Tattoos are a fact of being a human for some reason. every culture does it or did at some point in their history. Apparently once we learned to make fire the next thing we did was start tattooing motherfuckers, its that old. In the western world we have been laboring under outdated victorian notions of what is permissible with our bodies and in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s this notions finally were washed away and tattooing came back into its own as an important part of human society.

It was inescapable that something as important to us as tattooing wouldn’t be featured on something also important to us, television. It was going to happen, there was no changing the fact.

Are tattoo tv shows good or bad is the wrong question. the right question, in my humble opinion, is are each of us doing the right things with tattooing? Thats all that matters, the world is going to continue to do what it does, your like or dislike of it means absolutely nothing.

I just try to do the next right thing and not get too hung up on what other folks are doing thats out of my control.

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