Fa la la lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Im typing this by the light of a Christmas tree, I dunno about you but I think thats pretty cool. In fact i think the whole holiday is pretty cool. A lot of folks seem to get upset every year that christmas isnt what they believe it should be like, but it still happens and i still feel like the basic gist gets across despite anything that anyone tries to pile on top of it.

Like most holidays it happens on the cusp of great change. the change of seasons, change of weather, change of year. We like to mark these occasions, to say “remember this moment because from this point forward it will be different. In the really old days that might mean some folks wouldnt survive the next 3 months of really serious winter, or that after weeks and weeks of being stuck in-doors (or in-cave in the really old days) that there might be signs of a new baby on the way. In a lot of traditions it was believed that the old year had to die so the new could be reborn.

Its nice to think about the fact that under everything, the religion, the commercialism, the expectations there still beats a warm heart of generosity.

Merry Christmas/Hannuka/whatever.

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