Stepping it up

Ive been tattooing for a long time now, and if i have learned anything it’s that I havent learned very much. Tattooing has always been pretty cyclical for me, there are times i really feel like I am growing and expanding and then there are times that i feel like Im just treading water, trying to keep my head above the waves. Sometimes im fully aware of the state im currently in but recently I feel like ive been in a bit of a rut and hadn’t realised it. Whatever the reason i feel like i havent been pushing myself as much as i would like to, ive been doing what the clients ask for but i havent been pushing for even more and i feel like it’s about time that i got to doing that.

In part ive been wasting a lot of time playing video games. This has long been a problem of mine and acquiring an x box for my birthday has just exacerbated it with Oblivion and Fallout taking up way too much of my brainspace. I suppose everyone has something they do to waste time now and then, but for me this has been a little too much and now that a couple months have gone by I dont think its going to taper off any more until i sell the goddamn thing. I would hate to do it, it’s really fun, but like having a giant plate of cookies on the counter all the time the temptation to fuck off for 4 or 5 hours in la-la land is too great for me to pass up.

Second ive settled into a comfortable patter of business where Im booked for a few weeks so Im comfortable. Comfortable is bad sometimes, I need a kick in the ass. Fortuneatly i know where to get it, looking at other tattooers work online and posting my own work for critique. I havent done either for some time and just the other day Cara was looking at some of Valerie Vargas work and it blew me away at how she took very simple themes and tricked them the fuck out. I need to start doing this more. Any tattoo that comes in i need to give the full on treatment to the best of my abilities, I know that I have it in me, i just need to kick the old grey dog in the ass enough times to get him motivated to try harder.

Stay tuned, I hope to be putting some next level stuff up in the future.

In other news i have finally begun the lasering of my left arm in earnest. A friend i have tattooed for years recently started to do laser removal and i had all the black from my shoulder to elbow zapped this past sunday. I hope to be going in monthly and if all goes according to plan (when does it ever?) I would like to be getting my sleeve started sometime next year. ideally i would like someone like Dana Helmuth or Mike Rubendall to do it (well ideally it would be Shige but I dont see that happening too terribly soon). I have lived with tattoos I only half like for a really long time, Im ready to love my sleeves from this point on.

We recently attended the Meeting of the Marked, Pittsburghs tattoo convention and i did a few pieces there like this one

convention scepterI have also finished some japanese work i am waiting to get pictures of and am damn close to finishing a sleeve Im very proud of.I finished a set of traditional flash in black only and am within days of finishing my japanese sketchbook. I feel like im finally back on the good foot, now its time to get stomping.

Ive been riding quite a bit too and after another month or so I feel like Ill be able to write a review of the Giant Bowery/mashup. In related news a friend is convinced he saw some kid riding my stolen Trek around the hood. Im not sure what to do with this news, Im over it but if I see that in person it will be real hard not to double foot dropkick that fucker.

I probably wont, mostly because ive gotten back onto the meditation tip lately, Cara and our buddy kevin just went to a small sitting group this morning at the Mattress Factory art gallery. And i do mean early, that shit was at 7 am! Thats early for a tattoo artist goddammnit! But it felt great and so has just sitting regularly again. So hopefully im getting back on track and pulling my head out of my ass (yet again, what is this like the 12th time? 44th?).


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2 thoughts on “Stepping it up

  1. I’m right there with you man. The old video game trap is one I’ve been falling into more and more lately.
    In fact I am fighting the urge right now to run down and pick up the new Call of Duty.

    But at least you can call your own self out and keep moving forward.

  2. thanks for your comments, i appreciate it.

    It turns out that instead of drinking or shopping I tend to play games when the real world is stressing me out. There was some (minor) personal shit in my life that has since worked out and the game playing has dropped to about the amount I used to watch tv. its wierd to be all proud of not drinking and doing drugs and to still find that I have habitual vices that are as distracting to my life.

    I hear call of duty is crazy good, let me know how you do against a bunch of 12 year olds with all day to practice. they usually kick my ass all over the place.

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