Look ma I’m tech (or the new bike plus rain)

So I’m typing this at Starbucks on Caras i-Pod touch while waiting for her to get done. My giant thumbs are bumbling around this teeny screen like Andre the giant trying to build a faberge egg with oven mitts on.

It is kind of like a cool little laptop though,if you dont mind a teensy tiny screen. It’s like deciding to ride in the tour e france but with a dahon folding bike. I have no doubt that it could be done, but it would take a long ass time. Im a big fan of new toys and techy stuff, but trying to do anything more important than texting your friend on something this size is ridiculous.

In the interest of full disclosure I must now confess that the rest of this entry is being written on my home computer with a human being sized keyboard.

After my much beloved Trek Soho S was stolen a few weeks back I was suddenly (and involuntarily) in the market for some new wheels. Some folks believe that God has a plan for their lives and while I would never assume that the great universe has a specific map of exactly how my life is going to go I do believe that the man upstairs does have certain bullet points on the heavenly to-do list with my name at the top. Certain things seem to happen with such stunning regularity that it stretches the limits of credibility to deny that they can be the result of anything less than Gods sense of irony

One of these things is the fact that it will rain on the day I am buying a bike. You can bank on it. And trust me Ive bought a lot of bikes this year alone and It has rained on every single day i rode the new one home. In fact at this point Id like to hire myself out to desert communities struck by drought, all they need to do is pay me to fly out to Arizona, lets say, walk into a bike shop and the second I hand my money over to the cashier the heavens will erupt in biblical levels of rain.

Which is a long-winded way of saying it rained when I was shopping for bikes the other day. Once again i hit 3 or 4 bike shops but this time I had a much firmer idea of what I wanted. I looked at SE’s lager and premium brew bikes, and a fuji track bike at Thick Bikes, then I checked out the KHS urban soul (which should be the label for a section of Keith Sweat records NOT a bike name) and the Surly Steamroller at Iron City bikes, I was damn close to a Felt Dispatch or jamis beatnik at BikeTek in Squirrel hill, but i was finally sold on my new bike at Pittsburgh pro bikes.

See, this time I knew I wanted to stick to a light frame, which meant aluminum for my price range. I wanted it to be single speed, to have some V to the rims (for my fat ass) and to have front and rear brakes. I wanted straight bars and I wanted to spend less than $600.  unlike the Soho S i also wanted it in my size, i had settled for a 47cm frame and now i knew I needed at least a 50 or 52 . The result is this little guy:


It’s a Giant Bowery/mashup. and so far i love the shit out of it! My Trek was a great bike and really let me hit when i wanted to go fast, but this guy really wants to go fast on its own! the frame fits perfectly, on my previous bike i was forever messing with the seat height and saddle position to try and get comfortable, however on this bad boy I just set it up and its been perfectly comfortable from day one. The only downside is the presta valves on the tires, which has more to do with the fact that Ive never used that type before and I dont want to fuck the tubes up pumping them up with that tiny delicate looking stem.

I still store it in the lobby of my building but these days there is a giant kryptonite cable lock lashed to a 5000 pound radiator bolted to the floor that I lock it to. If the thieves get it off of that monstrosity then im giving up and riding a unicycle to work.

This Tuesday I will be tattooing a crazy cool Ganesh on a good friend of ours so pictures soon!

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3 thoughts on “Look ma I’m tech (or the new bike plus rain)

  1. Cool!

  2. awesome. A properly fitting bike is key.
    My tip on the presta valve stems is to be very careful when removing the pump from the stem. Use thumbs, index and middle fingers of both hands and pull that bad boy straight up and off. Also make sure that little nut on the valve stem is tightened all the way down to the rim.
    I’ve ripped at least a couple presta stems off when trying to add a little air, such a bummer. Ride on…

  3. ludwig

    awesome bike! what year/model is this?

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