Birthday #39

so its quite literally the 39th time ive had a birthday today. Theres a lot of ways I can think about that. For one, I can imagine that ive taken 39 rides on earth around the sun, a very long and enormous trip! Or i can consider the milestones in my life, the scars on my body, the progress of my spiritual and mental facilities. I can catalog the victories or defeats of my life, I can tally the number of hours spent accomplishing great things (great to me, anyways) or the hours wasted on sillieness.

Me? im taking the day off to hang out with the most wonderful girl in the world, the orneriest dog in pittsburgh and a beautiful cool september day. The last few years of my life on my birthday have filled me with such gratitude and wonderful realization of how fucking lucky I have been.

The real gift I get on my birthday is that I was born into this little chunk of the universe and given the chance to experience it the way I have, its a wonderful beautiful ride.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday #39

  1. Kevin

    Happy Birthday, Brother.

  2. Mike

    Happy Birthday!

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