the almighty punk band FEAR once wrote

I love livin’ in the city

Spent my whole life in the city
Where junk is king and the air smells shitty
People pukin’ everywhere
Piles of blood, scabs and hair
Bodies wasted in the street
People dyin’ on the street
But the suburban scumbags, they don’t care
Just get fat and dye their hair

I love livin’ in the city

well at this particular moment I dont love living in the city quite so much. My beloved Trek Soho S was stolen along with the daughty but faithful KHS Urban X right out of the apartment building we live in. In a way it is my fault since I didnt lock the bike up, but supposedly we have a “security” door. it wasnt very. Secure that is. So we’ve had Caras mom car with a break in last month ans two bikes stolen this month. Im not terribly upset or even angry, im more disappointed than anything.

Of course when you decide to live in a city you are tacitly agreeing to take the bad with the good, in this case an increased chance for petty theft is the price I pay for living withing walking distance of work, art stores, 10,000 restaruants, 20 cofee shops, 3 supermarkets, 10 book stores, and a vibrant art and musical scene. Frankly its totally worth it. I have lived in the burbs and it is slow death to me.

On the bright side I do get to get a new bike now and with my birthday right around the corner it will be like a little present to myself. So Im off to look at whats out there!

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