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Lest you think I quit doing tattoos, heres some stuff I have been doing lately. . .

brians heart city

brian heart city reference

We based the tattoo on that their art piece by Jeremy Fish. I did redraw it to put my fingerprints on it a little bit, but the customer did request that we keep the sepia type look. i was a little nervous, I wanted to give it a shot but you never know how translatable this kind of thing is til you try it. We tried it.

jonah chef arm

the chef piece was a memorial of sorts for the clients bother who was also in the chef biz and was a fan of the band that the quote is from. there is the added layer of meaning to the quote when you remember that saturday night is when restaurants get slammed with customers and you better have a damn good reason if you cant show up for work. . .

camille hibiscus guncamille orchid gun

these were also memorial tattoos. in this case the clients father had been a collector of firearms. I much prefer to do memorial tattoos like this instead of the more typical “rest in peace”. I fully respect why those kind of tattoos are important and how they can help the wearer to move on, but a tattoo like these leaves you with a piece of art not just a sad reminder.

MATT K DRAGON DONE compFinally, we finished this dragon 1/2 sleeve in only 3 sessions. For me doing Japanese work that is really fast, but with only two colors it was pretty simply and straight forward. Also the client wanted to keep the piece pretty high on the arm so its not really a shoulder to elbow half sleeve.

Ive got a PILE of cool big stuff in the process fo being finished and more on the horizon. Updates soon!

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