Seven miles of bad road

The shop is open, finally. There are still some things to work on, getting art on the walls, installing an air conditioner, finishing the bathroom, but its open enough to start tattooing.

Im tired.

Im mentally and physically tired. I know that opening this shop is not the most important thing in the world (not even in my world) but I have been stressed and tripping out. I thank god for the years of meditation or I wouldnt have just been stressed; I would have been bent over double with wracking stomach pain (my old way of dealing with change. . .seriously)

Ive been watching the tour de france (wasnt Contador a total douchebag!?) and at the end of a hundred or so kilometers they would cross the finishline and throw their arms in the air, look heavenward and just let out that last road weary breath in what i image was nothing louder than a hoarse “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Thier bodies and minds knew that the day was over, that they wouldnt have to ride one more mile, climb one more mountain, wouldnt have to pedal one more rotation. they were done. It didnt matter that the next day they would start all over (for 3 weeks!) that moment was nothing but relief.

that kinda how i feel now. Im just done hammering, sweeping, patching, moving, lifting, packing and Im fucking done. Tommorrow (well, today really) I get to tattoo again, just like normal. But for now Im just going to stop pedaling for the day.

pictures and shit will be coming in a few.

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3 thoughts on “Seven miles of bad road

  1. Jackie

    A lotus to you. You are aware of this entire grueling experience and that’s enough.

  2. Jackie rules. You are aware too.

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