An open letter to a crackhead.

Dear Crackhead,

While I can not claim to have felt the pain of your addiction I am an empathetic sort of guy, so please believe me when i say I can understand why your dependence on crack (or heroin, pardon my assumption here) would lead you to break into Cara’s moms car. However, as you probably realised once you broke the tip of your $12 knife off in the passenger window seal and then smashed the window (I have a feeling the window was an accidental break when your knife snapped and the rest of the knife jammed into the window ) there was almost nothing of value in the car.

Caras 8 year old Ipod has a battery that lasts about 14 seconds and is full of music that I doubt you will find to your liking.(unless you really like the Smiths)  Good luck on selling it in a crappy bar. On that same note, thank you for leaving the original paintings we purchased at our good friend Chris Churchfields show, Im not sure whether this speaks of your poor taste in art or that crack (or heroin, again, my apologies for assuming) leaves precious little time for artistic appreciation.

Im sure that according to my standards your life is fairly miserable, believe it or not I dont take much pleasure in that thought. To steal from us is to steal from yourself, we were annoyed and inconvenienced, but you are suffering and for that I hope you can find the way to wake up.

Cara and i will be shopping for a new Ipod today, as well as a new window for her moms car. I hope that some day you can enjoy the simple pleasures of a life like this without having to harm anyone else just to survive. I hope that I am wrong about your crack addiction and I hope that you can someday be happy, at peace and free from suffering.

Yours truly,


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