My Brother from another mother

Our friends Kyle and Daniel invited us to their house for some amazing fish tacos yesterday. We rode over and met up with some more buddies, while we were waiting for the food to be finished Cara noticed something weird. . .

"Hey is there another bald guy with glasses over there!?"

"Hey is there another bald guy with glasses over there!?"

Daniel (the one pointing) and I bore a striking resemblance to each other because of our “outfits”. This kind of freaky occurrence is usually accompanied by the revelation that both our dads were travelling sales men and end up being the same person or that we were twins and one of us was taken by a secret cult and raised by pumas. In this case it seems to be more the result of how middle age former punk rockers dress and my new found thin-ness. Believe me we have hung out before and while Daniel was always the svelte male model he appears here i looked like Jabba the hutt, no one mistook one of us for the other til yesterday.

"Look! Jason is down to 2 chins!"

"Look! Jason is down to 2 chins!"

The food and company were awesome! Daniel and Kyle are some of the nicest people on Earth and Cara and i adore them.

Speaking of Cara, after bathing in the glory of my new bike she felt like she needed something that weighed less than a ton as well and picked up a super sweet U-District  by Torker. We went over to Thick bikes on the Southside and I was amazed. The guy working was helpful and gave off zero hipster attitude, like the awesome dudes at iron City cycles they are locals AND know whats works for a rider and what doesn’t. He stayed late and went out of his way to be accommodating as we bought what is probably the cheapest bike they sell. If you need a bike, go to these guys!

The days have been beautiful and we have been enjoying them, something about strolling with your sweetie and a miniature dog feels like heaven to me. I really think that kind of contentment and comfortableness is as close to heaven as we can get, Im a really lucky guy.



Before the cooking and stuff yesterday i had to do a little work. A really nice customer who I have been tattooing for years was home from Iraq for a week and wanted to get a tattoo in honor of his new son. I don’t really do a lot of black and grey work but i really wanted to do this justice for a great guy. Im pretty booked up for weeks now, but since he was due to be shipped back in a week I went in on tuesday and we put 4 1/2 hours into this poor guys riblets and came up with this bad boy.The tattoo gods must have been smiling on us because not once in the whole time did the phone ring or a customer come in asking if we do piercing, nothing, just some jazz on the radio, the buzz of the machine and AJ occasionally groaning as I tore him up.

brand new, still a lil red

brand new, still a lil red

If the rain holds off Im gonna ride my ass off today!

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