Human Endeavor

In rare moments there comes along a human action that is so unique, so astounding that it seems like it is impossible. For decades the common wisdom held that man could not run the mile faster than 4 minutes. And for decades no one did, then one day in 1954 Roger Bannister did the mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds. After that the 4 minute mile was routinely broken and the number has been getting pushed further and further back. The common wisdom about what was possible by a human was, in fact, wrong. All that it took for that mistake to be the “truth” was that enough people believed it was the truth, and the result was no progress for years and years. Once Bannister showed the “truth” to be mistaken, the barrier was lifted.

When you watch this video, I think you will see yet another example of what we (or at least me) thought was possible turned on its head.

This kid is fucking amazing.

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One thought on “Human Endeavor

  1. Freaking amazed watching this vid. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your words. Thanks for being. 🙂

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