One of the more fun things, in a black humor sort of way, about Cara working with me now is that she gets to see how tiring tattooing really is. I always suspect that when customers come in and see me in an old t-shirt listening to the Stooges and Ladytron at work and ‘sitting on my ass” all day drawing that it must be the easiest thing in the world to do. in a way it is, I suppose. After all I do love my work, but after a full day of tattooing non stop and (stupidly) not eating anything til 6pm and stopping to help customers who come in and waste my time asking if we do piercing or how many tattoos they could get for $60, its exhausting. My first job was working prep and dishwasher at a fairly busy restaurant, and that shit was no joke, but I was never as worn out from that job the way a really ballbuster of a day of tattooing gets me.

I swear it took me an hour to feel human again after work, I just wanted to curl up into a cocoon and let my brain shut off. Cara was pretty beat too, plus she had the added stress of worrying about her skill level and if she was “getting it” quickly enough. I tried to tell her once my brain turned on again that its simply one of those things that , sooner or later, clicks into place. Unfortunately, until it does you feel like you are trying to learn to ride a bike while playing the violin, its so many things to try to juggle at once. I’m proud of her for sticking with it.

mermaid-ribI finished a piece that I’ve been working on for a couple months now, a really tough cookie and all around swell customer Lindsay got a big ass mermaid on her ribs. In a fit of true awesomeness she asked me to add some drowning sailors hands and to give her a look of sublime disregard for the hearts shes broken and ships shes sunk. It was awesome to do a mermaid as the legends describe them. . .bloodthirsty and vain! I really hate tattooing on that love-handle/waist/rib area but this particular customer made it as easy as it could be. The background clouds are supposed to represent that old sailor song about “red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. . . ”

In related nautical themed news, Cara has decided on a very traditional ship for her left foot. I always get strangely proud of her when she gets really into the tradition and history of tattooing and she really wanted this tattoo to be reminiscent of the great old time tattoos the circus ladies sported at the turn of the century. We got the drawing finished and I cant wait to get it one her, Stay tuned for pictures soon!

We dropped Eddie off to get neutered yesterday. We were both pretty nervous, but the ladies at the clinic were very nice and we felt that he (and his nuts) would be in good hands. Today we went to pick him up and it was the b-team working the desk all the way. I’m just glad that this collection of bitter ex-diner waitresses and day shift strippers wasn’t manning the helm when we dropped poor Eddie off or we might have changed our minds!

"You are gonna cut off my WHAT!?"

"You are gonna cut off my WHAT!?"

Anyhow, the deed was done, he has some stitches and a little less weight below the belt-line now. Poor guy is all sack and no balls! We brought him to the shop today since we needed to give him some medicine at 4pm and we wanted to make sure he was ok. He did pretty good too, we had him barricaded in the drawing section and he only snuck out occasionally and didn’t bark at anyone. He just had that “Hey guys, what goin on over here!” thing that dogs have when there’s lots of people around. If there is a pack they want to be in the middle of it! We are hoping that the removal of the lads will help his urge to hump a large blue stuffed shark of his lessen and perhaps curb his sassy ‘tude as well as assorted long term health benefits.

After work and food/recovery we went to Squirrel hill to get Italian ice and while in line this lady came up with the most adorable dog, his legs were all very twisted and obviously crippled, but he walked his bow-legged walk just fine and didn’t seem to mind at all. His owner told us she had seen him at animal friends and when she found out that no one wanted him because of his birth defect she immediately fell for him and adopted him. I’m glad there are people like that in the world.I hope I’m one of them!

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2 thoughts on “Diary-esque

  1. Nice mermaid! That picture is great with Eddie’s comment under it. Poor Eddie, hope he’s doing ok. Losing nuts might not be the ultimate state… 🙂

  2. Mike

    I like the mermaid. Nice job.
    Figgy, our newest dog got neutered about 6 months ago and still makes sweet sweet love to his bed about three times a week. Lothar our other dog got neutered 3 years ago and only humps once or twice a month now.

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