Unpopular things I believe

1. No tattooer can give 100% of their attention to tattooing if they drink alcohol. I dont mean during or before the tattoo, I mean ever. Alcohol is evil, plain and simple, its destructive to your mind and soul. It is the destroyer of good intention and clouds even the keenest of minds. If you damage your mind, by drink or drugs, then you are, to some degree, selling your customers short. In the same way I believe that you are also selling short your children, friends, and anyone who would benefit from you not clouding  your mind (which is everyone).

2. A gun is death incarnate. no one who has ever lived can be trusted with the power to kill simply with a twitch of their finger. I don’t know the solution, but I do know that making death so simple, quick, and easy is one of the most tragic things to ever befall us.

3. Ethnicity is a myth. Culture is an arbitrary set of patterns you were born into, it is no more “you” than which clothes you decide to wear are “you”. If you take an Eskimo and raise him in Kenya then he will behave Kenyan, if you take me and raise me in the arctic circle then I will live like an Eskimo. We become so attached to the myth of our origins that we feel we must defend them, even to the death. Its as if we fear that if we stopped reinforcing the story of our ethnicity that we wouldn’t be anything.  The truth is if we stopped believing in the myth we could then be everything.

4. We as a species, spend far far too much time making something stand for something else. We refuse to drive safe, economical, and practical vehicles if they don’t look cool. We breed dogs into vicious dangerous breeds so we can feel tough by proxy. We buy impractical, expensive clothes because a label seems to tell others that we make more money than we do. We use our political affiliation to stand in for the complex and nuanced shades that reality demands. I believe that if we were comfortable in our own skins, if we felt at one with the world we wouldn’t need anything to stand for anything else. We wouldn’t need our objects to “represent us”.

5. I believe Conan the Barbarian is the pinnacle of the filmmakers art.

6. I can see no valid argument to be a vegan. There are many good reasons to be a vegetarian, but Veganism seems to be the extreme, something done purely out of guilt or a desire to cause guilt in others. To live in the world is to exploit it in some way, even the Jains of India realise this though they seek to minimise it to a level bordering on psychotic. In the western world vegan-ism is simply a way to wag your finger at everyone else. It seeks to elevate the proclaimer while denigrating all those who have “sinned” by eating cheese or wearing wool.

7. Bikes are better than cars.

8. Everyone should have a granddad with a tattoo. i myself did not despite having a grandpa who was a naval vet of world war two. Frankly, I think he let me down by not getting my grandmas name, “Betty” on his bicep in 1944.

9. In a society we agree to certain things in order for that society to run smoothly. Not everyone can be their own farmer, doctor, construction worker, lawyer, and mechanic. We agree that some of us will do those  jobs  and others will fulfill other roles society has deemed important. In the modern world there is absolutely no valid reason why every person on this planet should not have access to health care. And for this to be an issue in the worlds wealthiest nation (us) is a disgusting travesty that history will revile us for.

10. Universal Communism has failed miserably, unrestrained capitalism has done the same. The fact that the two largest powers on the earth cling to one or the other of these failed dogmas is frightening.

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3 thoughts on “Unpopular things I believe

  1. A line the Dhammapada reads, “There is no sorrow like separation.” Intoxication separates you from your true self into the intoxicated self. It’s ultimately sorrowful, indeed…. Concerning #10, Corporate Socialism is alive and well and getting stronger/weaker with every “bailout”. Go figure! -kerry

  2. First thing that popped in my mind is: are you pissed/frustrated about something? Usually when I do lists like this, I do it because there is something in my OWN life that needs attention, but it just feel easier when pointing other stuff out. Like I did my rant about the tattoo rules and what not= I was frustrated for not having money to get tattooed myself.

  3. PD, yep. I was/am mad about these things. A few particular things caused me to be annoyed enough to write this, but its things I truly do believe. Ive been slacking on my sitting lately and this is probably something to do with that too.

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