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Bike Porn

There is something about a simple machine which invites admiration. A car has a beauty all its own, but a pair of antique scissors  or a beautiful crafted tattoo machine singlecoil1008

has a certain something, a combination of simplicity and yet a refinement that takes the everyday tool into the realm of art. Often what is most beautiful is the items simple effectiveness. John Moniz tattoo machines (like that one on the right there) are not just pretty to look at, but by all accounts are amazingly effective tattoo machines, you don’t leave these in a display case!

Lately my obsession has been for bikes. I have a perfectly lovely KHS urban X bike that is not only cheap and really effective, but looks tough as well. Ive been riding all over town and I love it more than I even thought I would. I was a bit nervous that I would shell it out and hate it, but I coulsnt be happier.

Still I’m not above enjoying a little bikey porn on the side and In my internet searchings Ive found a couple really talented and beautiful builders. Check em out!

http://vanillabicycles.com/ – Awesome commuter oriented bikes (my faves) with amazing details like custom dropouts, brackets, lugs, and the coolest paintjobs ever. They have a shit ton of clothes and hats n stuff too.

http://4130inc.com/ – Racer and roadbikes handbuilt. He even made Mike Giant a custom Amsterdam style commuter. I would love to blow the bank on one of these bad boys. The kind of bike that looks pretty and means bizniz.

http://www.mapbicycles.com/ -beautiful bikes with tons of unique touches. check out the chain guards, frame geometry, racks, and fenders on these pretty babies!

UPDATE! (mar 25th) Check out this shit!

http://www.fastboycycles.com/- even the splash page is f’n amazing, WOODEN HANDLEBARS!!!? This guy is killing it.

Bike porn! enjoy!

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