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Everything is amazing, nobodys happy

More true than we know

We live in an age of miracles. We live in a world that not only did our grandparents never imagine possible, but that our parents couldn’t conceive! Our level of comfort (in the ‘industrialised’ world, anyway) is astounding.

But we still bitch about it.

Now we hear about the horror of the recession, and it IS horrible, but I firmly believe that everything that occurs is, in the end, for the best. Perhaps its time we experienced some of that balance, perhaps its time that we in the wealthy nations feel a little of the pain of the rest of the world. Of the majority of the world who don’t have two cars, giant televisions, laptops. . . fuck, half of them don’t have clean water and enough to eat!

Now rest assured I am counting myself in on this too. Of my 38 years I would guess that Ive spent 35 of them being really poor and the last couple only being moderately poor (by American standards) I wasn’t unhappy, I didn’t starve to death (in fact, i got fat as fuck) and I managed to entertain myself just fine without computers and cable and all of that. So I’m not scared of having to live broke again, and if it means a great balancing of the scales then ill take one for the team (that’s team Humanity, by the way, i could give a fuck about team America, team whitey, team capitalist, team tattooer, team punk, or any other team that excludes ANYONE.)

In all honesty I don’t see the dystopian horror that some are predicting, in fact I actually see a tremendous opportunity. Maybe, just maybe we will learn to get by with a little bit less, to live within our paychecks, to not trust banks and institutions to keep our loans within our means, maybe we will become so disgusted with business that rewards its upper eschelons with billions¬† while keeping the people who actually do the work barely solvent that we will refuse to buy or patronise their institutions til their paychecks are no more than 100% more than the lowest paid workers is. Maybe we will wipe the fucking desire for a new TV, Car, Computer¬† every damn year out of our greedy, grasping minds.

Maybe, just maybe we will learn to be happy with what we have.

I can honestly see it. really. We in the western world are adolescents, sure there are a few adults, but the vast majority of us are spoiled teenagers. And no matter how sheltered of an adolescent you are sooner or later life delivers a huge dose of reality upside your face. WHACK! I hope this whole recession thing is ours. Growing up hurts, you get your first puppy love dreams smashed and the responsibilities of adulthood come on you whether you are ready or not, and if you are smart,( and I think we are) you roll up your sleeves and get on with being a grown up in a world of reality. So i can see us growing up, Ive already seen it in the amazing progress we have made just in my lifetime, we are not hopeless. But we need to wake up.

We need it and, like it or not, i think we are going to get it.

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