Killbot 5000 and PEDAL!

I got to do this Skullbot a couple of weeks ago and the customer came in the other day so I got a healed picture of it. I love doing stuff this bold and graphic. Maybe I’m a little kid at heart but I am strongly drawn to bold contrasty work that just reaches out and grabs your eye! If I hadn’t had the great fortune to discover tattooing I’m sure i would have been doing gig-posters or t-shirt design.


anyway, one of the side benefits of being a tattooer is the occasional ability to hook up a friend. Yesterday the guy behind all our awesome Black Cat tattoo t-shirts , Bert, was hanging out lending emotional support as his girlfriend got her giant sleeve worked on (this thing is coming out amazing, i cant wait to show it here once its finished!) And we were talking about bikes. Bert has been one of my ‘bike-advisors’ having been one of those guys who started competitive BMX as a kid all the way tothe  huge 70 mile rides for charity he does now. Bert  was mentioning that when he does those long rides for most of the trip he ends up looking down at his knees pumping away. He jokingly mentioned that his next tattoo should be the words “Pedal” on each knee. I love the chance to do fun tattoos, i love the chance to hook up a friend, and I love the chance to do new tattoos ive never done before, so the next thing you know. . .


BAM! Notice that they are designed for Bert to read them as he piles on the miles! i LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF! How do i know this is an awesome idea? Well 3 or 4 tattoo friends have already decided that it will be their next tattoo.

Speaking of Bikes, lady Cara and I got our KHS Urban X cycles, finally! (and as predicted, it got colder than a witches tit the day they arrived. . . ) still, I finally got to put a little distance on them. Yes we got the same bike and yes we are dorks, tough titty, at least we’re happy dorks.

Some things were immediately apparent. First of all, bikes are fun as shit. I totally forgot the feeling of flying along, the wind in your face and that feeling of unity with the road as your own body provides the power to push you and your bike along. I haven’t had a bike since I was a teenager and i forgot how fucking fast it gets you from point A to B and in a city its often faster than a car! I also didn’t realise how badly out of shape I was cardiovascular-ly speaking. My legs seem totally up to the challenge, but my heart and lung capacity goes to shit after a very short period of serious riding, I can do steady and slow for some time, but if I want to push it a little I run out of gas pretty quick. I look forward to seeing some progress here!

I always look forward to spring, but now I really cant wait to get out on the road and enjoy some serious miles without my fingers getting frostbitten. Sweet!

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One thought on “Killbot 5000 and PEDAL!

  1. Well, you’re not alone on the bold work with contrast. Thats why I love Mike Giants stuff. Simple and direct, but still, a lot can be found. And thats why I love Old-School tattoos. Or someone like Chris Conn, Theo Mindell etc. And when it comes to japanese/eastern work, im more drawn to something like this (Filip Leu backpiece)

    Than something like this (Horiyoshi III backpiece)

    Both are in B&G (and both are fucking great tattoos), but in the Horiyoshi III tattoo, for my taste, there is too much going on. I think it has something to do with two things.

    1.) Because all of this Buddhism, trying to make it work in reality, my thoughts and actions have started to become more simple. Not so much hassle. Like in the past, thinking about tattoos, I was like everyone else. Trying to fit as much as I can about my life in tattoos I wanted. But now, I dont even want everything I like or even love done as a tattoo. The simpler, the better.

    2.) And I have this idea stuck in my head that if the image is big and simple, it will hold up better. Which is naturally true, but not allways. A thing I will leave for the tattoo artists to ponder.

    Jason, why do you find a inspiration, in any style of art?

    Btw. When I first saw the leg tattoo, I thought “why is it in a weird postion when it comes to the knee?”. Then I realised, thats not his knee, but a muscle 😀

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