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Some New old School

Some traditional-ish work Ive been putting out lately.

I did this shark on another tattooers hand this week. There is always a little extra pressure when you are tattooing a tattooer, you know that every line will be scrutinized and evaluated. . . for the rest of that persons life.

Anyhow, this was fun to do and for once I managed to keep it simple and not blob it up with all kinds of needless detail.


Next I did this sweet scary horse (night-mare?) on a great regular customer. This is a little more straight up traditional, we limited the colors to the “traditional” palette. Black, red, green, and yellow and thats it. For me the problem has always been leaving enough skin tone, I used to color everything to the gills, it looked ok but it lost that old-school peppery color look. This time I kept it clean though.

This one came out pretty good, i think.


I love this kind of stuff. Still, on the horizon is some large Japanese work, Ive been super inspired lately. Im also working on some t-shirt designs for the shop and if they come out the way i think they will I’ll be stoked!

Cara has been coming in daily and did her first paying tattoo this week! In true tattoo trial-by-fire she got to do a name on some floppy boobs. hey, its not all rock stars and rappers (in fact, its never rock stars or rappers hee hee). She was a pro and has been working on her own legs (a very traditional way to practice) and kicking ass.  Im so proud of her, our shop, the customers Ive been blessed with and if it wasn’t minus 4 degrees here I might think I was in heaven!

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