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No more norovirus for me, thanks.

So on the night of the 1st I enjoyed some sauerkraut and pork in typical new years tradition. its an old Eastern European meal said to bring good luck and fortune. Sadly, it was also the last thing i ate before a little uninvited guest known as the norovirus that i had contracted on the previous night from a fellow new years party goer decided it had replicated enough to begin its attack on my intestinal tract. At 3am I began poosquirting and by 4 am i was puking violently. The next bunch of hours were a repeat of this coupled with horrible cramping and nausea.

That day was supposed to be the first day of my new tattoo shop and the first customers were my nieces who I hadnt seen in 2 years. I was too sick to go in and I felt awful about having to cancel. It turns out that it was a good thing that I did.

Later that morning there was some going to the bank that I absolutely had to do and could not put off at all without bouncing some important checks. So I begged my parents to come drive me to the bank which they graciously did, however between standing in line, not having eaten or drank anything for 20 hours and having shit/yakked all my bodily fluids out I nearly passed out in line at the bank! I was literally hanging onto the counter for dear life with black spots on the edge of my vision and my knees quivering under me! I went home and puked and slept some more. Cara brought me applesauce and jello and immodium (the miracle drug lol) and most importantly, pity and hugs!

The thing about these stomach viruses is that the leave quickly, this one was pretty much all better by 3 am but i remained horribly dehydrated for the next 12 hours. The next day I went to work too late to really eat first and realised I had a ton of shit to clean up before my first customer. . . oh and I hadn’t drawn this persons tattoo up yet either. I freaked the fuck out.

but I got through it and now day three stuff is going good! I finished this bad boy today. . .


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