Time flies when your having fun

I got to do this bad boy today.


An hourglass with some wings and autumn leaves. We had the hourglass stencilled  on and drew the wings, halo and a few leaves on with marker to get it in with the already existing tattoo smoothly. If  I would have stencilled the whole thing on I’m sure it just wouldn’t have had that clean fit behind the old tattoo.

The customer was a really nice kid who knew good work from bad, he told me the general idea he wanted and let me go crazy with the rest, its the kind of teamwork that usually results in the best tattoos i do. He sat for about 5 hours and didn’t complain once.

As I was working on this piece it occurred to me that even when i do fairly ‘traditional” stuff like this I tend to get obsessed with tons of little details and bits that are never on the drawing, I just love adding little touches that push certain elements of the design out at the viewer. I’m not even sure if half of it makes a difference but i like to think that it at least separates my work from the pack a little bit.

I’ve felt like i was in a bit of a down cycle lately, doing tattoos that i still appreciated but that didnt feel like they were pushing me to get better. Well, the last couple days has ended that. Today was fun, I’m really lucky that most of my days are.

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2 thoughts on “Time flies when your having fun

  1. Really nice! Respect!

  2. Nice! You do very good work sir.

    This is Amanda’s husband by the by.


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