. . . or maybe just hang it on your wall heh heh heh. the fine folks at TNS Industries ( asked me to be a participating artist in their tattoo art series of skateboard decks. I was flattered to submit this piece l_4385b4b0c1814e7383445ea8318550c9

This is awesome for me on so many levels. For one thing my art is in with some amazing company, and for another I was a crazy avid skater back in my younger years and skateboard art was one of the main influences in my early artistic years.

I would have probably been happy to do some Japanese style art but they specifically requested traditional black and red stuff, I hope it hold up next to the other artists work in this series!

The actual artist ones are going to be sent out Monday apparently, I cant wait to get mine!

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One thought on “SK8 & DESTROY!

  1. Holy crap, that IS cool! Congrats!

    Oh my, those golden years in youth with a skateboard and buddies. Nowadays when I skate (VERY rarely), it’s all about cruising.

    With palms together,

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