“The FUTURE!” or “I was a middle aged Zombie”

I ha vent had any sort of cable television since 1996 and frankly, i liked it that way. Sure I miss the occasional show i would like but in general I have a kind of monkey mind and will watch just about anything. I was always afraid that if I had 500 channels that i always find something interesting enough to watch and never get anything else done. In short, I was worried that id turn into a zombie.

Bear in mind that I have no problem playing a video game for 3 hours. . in my twisted logic that is somehow the same as ‘doing something’. So my disdain for t.v. is , at best, hypocritical and at worst just plain stupid.

So Cara wanted to get dish tv so she could watch Dexter and Weeds and all that stuff, (Which are actually pretty good, i have to admit) and today we got hooked up. She went to work and i watched t.v. i watched tv about making donuts, how they make electric shavers, about airborne soldier training, about how Cesar makes mean dogs nice and about how william shatner isn’t aware that he talks funny when hes acting.

It happened. I’m a zombie.

See you in 10 years. . . .

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