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Cara finished up a pretty damn big piece on a co-workers back yesterday. Its a solid black piece and it was her first time using as big of a needle group as that. In what it rapidly becoming standard she rocked it and I really only stood over her shoulder a few times as she tattooed and chatted away. Im very proud of her.

Any small doubt I had is now gone, she is gonna be good. She will certainly be good enough to rock the shit out of some flash and I have every confidence that with continued diligence and practice she will be customizing the hell out of some tattoos in short order.

I’m going to take a minute now to say NEENER NEENER to the haters who didn’t believe she could do it. IN yo face!

No one starts off awesome in tattooing (at least not as awesome as they will be after a few years), but with a good apprenticeship you move up the ladder of difficulty in lock-step with your skill level. I made the mistake early on of trying to do work that was way above my head, Cara wont be making that same error. For this, and many other reasons, I’m glad I never even thought about apprenticing anyone til i had a decade of tattooing under my belt.

Its such a dance of the technical, the artistic, and some undefinable magic that its almost impossible to articulate into words, it scares me to think that there are books purporting to be able to tell you how to tattoo. There is no way that could work without the personal attention of someone who knows whats up. I guess you could trial and error that shit, but my god is that rough on your customers and they end up with some shitty tattoos till you clunk along enough times to get OK. Ive seen one or two exceptions to this, but Ive also seen hundreds of self-taught tattooers who have 5 or 10 years in tattooing and they STILL cant do anything right, clean, or artistic. At this point i remain convinced that without an apprenticeship of SOME kind you are just trying to take one step forward while also taking two back.

Its neat to see how Caras painting is progressing with her tattooing, art feeds off of art. Even LOOKING at great art helps to carve those pathways in your brain i think. Its not like her painting helps her with the physical act of tattooing, rather it seems like the process of painting helps the process of tattooing. The way of looking at a blank page and thinking what will go there, and how it will interact with this other stuff is the same thought process with all art, tattooing or otherwise, so its gotta be a benefit.

Next up, im gonna throw some fine-line lettering action her way, on me!

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