der Vebsite ist fur gerlookin unt der oogelin

I love fakey german! At the old camera store I worked at we had a shelf of expensive german cameras that had a sigh on it that said “Das kameras ist fur lookin und nicht fur der gerfingerpoken und der touchinstuffs. Keepen ze hands in der pocketz und look at das blinkinlights” and occasionally a German tourist would come in and start at it for like an hour trying to figure out why they couldnt read it.

anyhow, if you havent been to the black cat webpage lately it been hooked up with some actual content and such. I like it a lot but i need feedback (thanks to chris for already throwing some suggestions my way). Does it work for your browser? is it easy to navigate? is it pleasing to the eye or hard to look at? HELP! THANKS!

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