A really good friend of mine just lost his step mom on election night. She was a great lady and her death was unexpected, out of the blue, and an incredible surprise for someone who seemed otherwise so healthy and vibrant. I met her a few times and she was one of those people who instantly made you want to be adopted by her.

Brian and i went to her service tonight. She was a smart and practical lady who had lately begun to really dig on the buddhist path. She was cremated so the ceremony consisted of some readings at the Unitarian church and family and friends sharing some thoughts about what she meant to them. It was incredibly touching. As you went in there was two prayer cards, one with a prayer written by St.Francis and the other with a listing of the buddhist 8-fold path to ending suffering. Nice.

I was amazed but not surprised at how many people were there, literally a couple hundred folks showed up. If you ever want to really know how many folks lives you touched and how beneficial you life was to the world then look down from the great hereafter and see how big your funeral was. Hers was huge, like her heart. When my friend got up to do his little eulogy I nearly lost it, not for her sake because i know she is beyond suffering, but because he was obvious so upset that the amazing relationship his step mom and his 1 year old had formed was being ended before he would ever know how awesome she was.

If you are lucky enough to still have them around, call your mom. Mine is 10 years older than the wonderful lady who just passed away , you just never know how long you have with them, don’t waste it.

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