So my good buddy Eddie (pictured here) has apparently taken to pissing in the bed when I wasn’t around.

the guilty party

the guilty party

Now, even if you want to say, “Well, hes just a dog and dogs do that occasionally it still wouldn’t explain why he does it exactly where I lay my head to sleep! Needless to say, we had a little discussion about it and he seemed very contrite about the whole thing, but we’ll see.As i told him during our review of the incident

“Buddy, Im the only thing between your balls and a pair of scissors. Mommy * wants to cut them off and ive been making the case for your balls but now im not so sure she isnt right!”

Please note the subtle way i make mommy the bad guy. Its like good cop/bad cop, wont I make a good parent to human baby!? I cant wait.

*(yes we are his mommy and daddy. . . shut up. . . )

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