New president

Its 12:27 am on November 5th. No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, regardless of your views, history was made tonight as Barack Obama was elected president. It goes without saying that we are always living through history, but sometimes those moments are more than ordinary, sometimes they are milestones. If you live for any length of time you will witness a few, Ive seen quite a few myself.

I have always been an optimist, for what reasons i cant say. As long as I have lived its felt like my world view was often at odds with how the majority of folks viewed things. I saw hope and so many seemed to see only despair, I saw progress where most people I knew saw failure. In my short 38 years of life Ive witnessed one miracle after another. Each time i can remember thinking that it was a thing that could never be accomplished in my lifetime. I never thought there would be peace in Northern Ireland, now there is. I never thought tattoos would be acceptable to most folks, now they are. I never thought an interracial couple would be a common sight, now it is. I never thought we would feel safe from nuclear war, now we do. I never thought we would have a black president, now we do. Far from being too optimistic, it now looks like I wasn’t positive enough in my outlook! If these problems, these curses that saddled us for so long were tackled what else will be achieved in my lifetime? that of our children?

Its a journey made in inches and yet they add up. to look back is to see how very far we have come, not just as a society, but as individuals I fully believe that were are progressing toward a more peaceful, wise being.

I used to wonder if I was simply a fool. If my hopefulness was some kind of sickness or delusion or if all those cynical, sad people were right. Yet my life has continued to become one unfolding wonder after another, I couldn’t give up that point of view even if i wanted to be a cynic. It would require me to ignore too much of what I have seen and felt in my lifetime.

Chalk another milestone up for my life tonight.

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One thought on “New president

  1. blackalbatross

    it’s so refreshing to read a view like this, when so many folk just grumble about how we’re going down the gurgler.

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