I shot a couple pictures on my way to work this morning. Everyone seems to love fall the best and Im no exception. Something about how quickly its changes from summer to being cold and windy always hits me. the colors seem more saturated, the ordinary stuff you pass everyday just seems so different in fall.

This is why I love Pittsburgh. Old houses, tons of trees (and in autumn awesome colors), the whole place feels so comfortable. When i take a trip away i realise how cosy Pittsburgh really is and it doesn’t take long to miss it.

this next one was just kind of a neato tree all by its lonesome.

what these pictures cant convey is that it was chilly and there was a slight drizzle, the wind kept pushing leaves around in crazy swirls and you could hear wind chimes from almost every house you passed. Someone must have been using their fireplace because there was that great campfire-esque smell.

I was sad to see the summer fade, but days like today make it easy to let go.

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One thought on “Fall!

  1. Mike

    One of the things I will miss about Pittsburgh besides Eye Candy Tattoos and Salim’s, is the fall.
    I saw rain once for 4 minutes since arriving in Lo Angles. It has been kind of nice.

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