Ive been working on a painting for a skateboard for TNS boards, its nearly done now. Cara has been really into painting lately and its definitely lit a fire under my ass to get back to my own painting. its going super well and her work is improving so fast that its amazing to watch. She did a tattoo of a Posada piece on one of her coworkers the other day, it took a long time, as it always does when you are a new tattooer, but her technical ability is coming along so fast. A few folks I know who are tattooers have expressed doubts as to my apprenticing Cara, at first I thought I understood, but the further along we go and I begin to remember my own bumpy road to where I am now Im becoming convinced that there is quite a bit of sexism in these folks reservations.

It shouldnt surprise me that out of all the tattooers I know my brother, Erin, is the one person who when i told him that Cara was going to be an apprentice said “Fuck yea, go for it!” Sometimes I forget how much of an awesome person he is, and the silliest things bring it home to me. I have a picture of Bruce Lee on the wall ofmy station at work, i grew up amazingly inspired by Bruces movies. Almost everyone who notices says something along the lines of “Why would you have a picture of bruce lee?” in that sort of pitying/snotty way. Erin saw it and said “Fuck yea, Bruce lee! That looks awesome there.”

So today i painted while Cara had a meeting at starbucks. They love her there, of course. Then we went and had sushi and walked around shadyside together just strolling, bullshitting, and enjoying the indian summer. We do this kind of stuff all the time and i always appreciate every second of it. I really love this girl!

Later on we ate ice cream and watched a Joseph Campbell documentary. Its like god read my mind and made the world exactly how i wanted it. I tried to get her into Conan last night but she only made it as far as when they meet the lady thief before declaring it too stupid to watch. I guess it helps of you are a 13 year old boy the first time you see it. . .

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2 thoughts on “Crom.

  1. Mike

    Aint love grand! Have you ever had sushi in Squirrel Hill at pacific ring/ rim? it is delicious!

  2. yep it was pretty tasty but the place smelled like a listerine douche.

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