Random ramble

Im currently sick as a dog. Not a peppy frisbee catching dog either,  im sick like this poor fucker is

So simply imagine this but in my head and lungs and you will get the idea. . . .

Whats really strange is that I used to get sick all the time, at least every opther month I would have some shit-ass headcold or chestcold or flu, but for some reason I havent been sick in over a year til today. Ive been trying to be a little more healthy and since ive gotten divorced Ive been as relaxed and stress free more than any other time in my life.

Jesus thats a fugly dog.

I like reading Cara’s blogs, she has this conversational way of writing that makes me feel like an inarticulate boob. Here I am trying to be all smart and zen and shit and it comes out like im a babbling idiot.

that dog is making me throw up in my mouth.

Lately ive been doing some exercise every other day. mostly a ton of crunches and dumbell curls and tricep stuff. As ive gotten older ive become more comfortable with the fact that Im never going to have a body like bruce Lee but I do want to at least look like Im trying a little. I keep hoping that the next time I move or help someone move that I will feel like the hulk. “You just sit back Im gonna throw that couch on my back and run up the 4 flights to your place. . . “Ive been doing 15 pounds per dumbbell but almost immediately that didnt feel like enough, I need to get up to at least 25. I used to have such a bad habit of starting shit and then slacking so i didnt want to start off buying a shit-ton of weights, but it looks like im serious about this so i need to add some plates.

I hope i dont dream about that dog.

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