Signs you are old

first of all i really get into how comfortable my shoes are. I talk about it, i have a favorite combination of particular socks and shoes. When it comes to my tootsies price is no object, I will willingly pay too much money for really comfy shoes.

You begin to believe that those who dont hold your opinions are doing so because they are ‘young” or just dont know all the shit you know. its insidious, the next thing you know you are shaking your cane and griping that the “kids” just dont appreciate how hard you had it.

You lose that reflexive twinge of panic when you see a cop car roll by. When you begin to be comforted by them its time for the home.

You are invisible to teenagers. I dont mean just the girls, i mean that youer very presence isnt noticed at all. Not made fun of, not admired, just like a ghost you pass through their hormonal insular world as if insubstantial.

Speaking of the above, drama really starts to seem pathetic. Any drama. Work drama, personal drama, political drama, you just kinda wonder why all the energy on something that, really, doesnt mean shit.

You like being healthy. For the ex-punk folk this is especially troublesome, we spent a lot of time cultivating an air of indifference to ourselves, all of the sudden i want to eat healthy and exercise. 18 year old me would laugh (but then again, 18 year old me was a prick)

If you are smart you look back at how wonderful all the changes have been and marvel at how good we have it. if your dumb then you bitch about how nothing is like it was.

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2 thoughts on “Signs you are old

  1. dogfreak

    from the opening line you had me! Comfy shoes–is there anything more important–(well other than a good bowel movement–gasp!-the fact that I used those descriptives instead of “crap” or “shit” bury me ) Love to read your shit–keep it up!

  2. You really hit the nail on the head!

    Really it’s not age but maturity. Shit, you matured years faster than I! I only started being aware of all this a few years ago. I guess I’m a bit retarded.

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