life, a summary.

a) I was finishing off some mango sorbet with a fork because I have no clean spoons currently. It was all groovy and i liked how the icecream came through the tines when i ate it. Then i got to the bottom and it sucked. The fork just drug lines through the ice cream without loading up any onto itself, I had to grab a dirty spoon to finish the job.

b) When i was young I wanted people to pay attention to me. I would act all negative and depressed (though i probably was really negative and depressed. . .but i wore that shit on my sleeve back then) so people would see how bad I had it and pity me. As you get older it seems like you go the other way and act even more cheery and jolly than you might really be so people will pay attention to you for how positive you are.

c) I like jazz and classical music in general, I couldnt have a steady diet of either to the exclusion of everything else, but its cool while working or reading. When i first got into this stuff I felt like I didnt “get” it or “understand” it. In retrospect that seems silly doesnt it? Its music, you let it go in your ear, rattle around your mind, and then let it go. Whats so goddamn hard about that?

d) My girlfriend has done amazing things in a really short period of time, shes fought battles I can only imagine and put up with stress (not all of it from me, goddammit!),Ive never met anyone else with the ability to honestly and critically examine their own life, decide what it bullshit and what is gold and then decisively clean out the junk and build up the treasure. In the last year Ive watched her true self emerge like a lotus from a swamp. We talk all the time about our heros and people who inspire us, but im lucky enough to have that person wake up next to me everyday.

e) My intuition, it turns out, is pretty accurate. not to say it (or me) are perfect or more perceptive than anyone else, but when i actually shut off my mental blabber and just feel, I generally go the right direction.

f) If I eat McDonalds and donuts my farts smell like shit. if I eat sushi and soybeans my farts smell like shit. From the standpoint of farts, it doesnt matter what the fuck you eat.

g) love is brief and passionate, compassion is eternal and comforting. if we’re lucky, we got to have both with the same person.

h) small dogs are joy personified. Those people who say that they dont like little dogs, yea, fuck them.

i) Sharpie markers, new paintbrush, tracing paper,  nice double thick illustration board, .07 pencils, and masking tape. There. i just had an art-gasm.

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2 thoughts on “life, a summary.

  1. Chris

    art-gasm ha!

  2. Mike

    Indeed! Little dogs are joy personified!

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